TV Terror

When enjoyed in a bar, the NCAA tournament can mean cruel frustration if your team's match-up conflicts with that of a higher profile game. Guarantee screen love with the TV Terror.

The TVT is a stripped-down universal remote from the fun-lovin' weapon enthusiasts at Shomer-Tec. The credit card-sized device clones any TV's IR signal, giving you carte blanche to change channels, mute or adjust volume, or even turn the TV off entirely should you realize you're about to lose a bet. Arrive early, and you can grab a TV's code even before it's turned on; hijacking multiple TVs is also a cinch, and generally takes just a few seconds (which sadly still won't be fast enough to catch Penn before it's knocked out)

Naturally, the applications for a discreet channel-changer go far beyond tourney bars, to gyms, Circuit City outlets, even free clinic waiting rooms -- because clearly, the oozy Chlamydia patient next to you appreciates good Ball State action as much as you do.