It wouldn't be Friday without a list of things that are hot or not. In fact, it would be Thursday


Hot: QuadskiAvailable at Part four-wheeled ATV, part jet ski, 100% Transformer-tastic, the Quadski converts from one to the next in five seconds. It also hits 50mph in either mode, allowing you to get driving citations from the Beach Patrol and the Coastguard

Not: The Rickshaw You may think it novel to be pulled around town by an Asian man -- but it's not. Unless, of course, you can push a button on the back of his head and turn him into a jet ski


Hot: Remote Control Drink Float $39.98 at ThingsYouNeverKnew.comGetting out of the pool to get another drink is a relaxation killer. Now, with a few joystick twiddles, you can have five drinks and a bowl of Chex Mix delivered to you via robotic innertube

Not: Floater in the PoolIf they made one with a remote control, definitely hot. But other than that, it's just another way to contract hepatitis. So, don't touch it


Hot: ePillPak Birth Control Alarm Clock$24.95 at ePill.comA great gift for those irresponsibly-in-love couples. The Pill Pak comes in two designs, each equipped with a daily automated alarm encouraging her to take her pill, and you to bareback with confidence

Not: Khaki Mini Dude Diaper BagAvailable at PolkaDotWhale.comLooks like that whole alarm clock birth control thing didn't work, huh?