Food & Drink

Gold Street

Like pregnancy, Wall Street's high stress and unpredictable work schedule can leave you craving peculiar foods, at all hours of the day or night. This Thursday, Downtown finally gets a spot that meets both of those needs: Gold Street. Serving 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, Gold Street plans on providing Financial Districters anything they want, anytime they want it -- except the very substances that keep men awake long enough to get this weirdly ravenous. For starters, the sprawling, awesomely garish (neon lights, cartoon wall murals, etc) space will offer breakfast whenever -- invaluable if you suddenly realize you'll never finish the Johnson Report without 1am huevos rancheros chased by homemade, Nutella'd donuts. If you're hoping to bolster your corporate profile with some Alec Baldwin-esque heft, try the mustard-glazed burgers, Southern-fried chicken wings, or individual meatloaf patties w/ mashed potatoes. Or hit the sushi bar, if your company's health plan refuses to cover reckless corpulence. When you're done with work, or simply done with caring, there's also a glass-enclosed bar area. Occupy a stool too-regularly, and soon work will no longer prevent you from hanging at Gold Street 24/7.