The beer is here. All of it.

They say variety is the spice of life, but whenever you get it in your hands, it always feels a lot more like an entertainment trade magazine. Quit reading about Dave Coulier's off-off-Broadway one-man show and seriously spice your drinking life up at Ale Yeah!

Georgia's first craft-beer-only shop since, like...ever, Ale's stocking a liver-melting supply of super-rare specialty brews from 'round the globe on hand-crafted wood shelves in an orange-walled space featuring a mural by Smyrna's Jeremy Townsend of a monk being handed a goblet as he happily reclines in the giant hand of God, which must not be to scale, since Maradona is like 5 feet tall. Some particularly noteworthy bottles:

Boon Framboise This cork-bottled Belgian Lambic is jammed full of 200 grams of raspberries per liter (giving it a deep purple color), and's aged for two years in oak vats; it's recommended you serve it in a flute, though if you do, who's going to play Anthony Vivaldi's Allegro while you drink, like usual??

Terrapin Moo-Hoo Repping Athens, this brand new seasonal's a chocolate milk stout which gets its flavor from malts like roasted barley and flaked oat, and by using cocoa nibs and shells from Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Company in Nashville, which refers to its chocolate-making process as "bean-to-bar", although getting Mr. Butter there usually also requires the promise of a P'zone-tini.

Unibroue Don de Dieu A golden-orange triple wheat ale from Quebec, DdD got its name from the ship commissioned by the King of France to explore America, and boasts floral aromas of vanilla, fruitcake, and honey. At 9% ABV, it still has a medium body, though enough of them're sure to make yours a large.

Ridgeway Brewing Insanely Bad Elf At just under 12% ABV, this sweet, snifter-ready, England-born barleywine is bottle-conditioned (i.e., unfiltered), has notes of toffee and raisins, and is exclusively available in 330ml bottles because it "packs such a punch", so be careful with that Glass, Joe.

Ale also sells home brewing equipment (with soon-coming classes!), and offers fine cheeses, cured meats, and chocolates they can pair up with your brews; they also carry large formats, and'll gladly let you build your own 6-pack, which thankfully, you already know how to do from this month's Variety guest columnist Mario Lopez.