Last year's biggest drinking holiday involved too much inter-bar hiking, as evidenced by your staggering number of bruises, sprains, and dog bites. This St. Pat's, minimize those perilous treks with BeerMapping Project is the solo endeavor of a Chicagoan with an uncharacteristically refined beer-palate, and a characteristically intense hatred of exercise. His Google-based mashups plot breweries, pubs, bars, and even beer stores -- all recommended sites like and users/addicts/accidental visitors of BM. Sort out the most efficient booze route ahead of leaving, or visit their mobile page to get on-the-fly inebriation suggestions even more reliable than those of the local raving hobo.Future enhancements will include user reviews and tips, which should flesh out the site into a de facto city guide for beerists. But before you leave the house this weekend use BM to plan your pub-crawl -- even though you'll still be on your own finding a hospital.