Cabs to the airport have always been a gouge, but it's about to get even worse: on Nov 30, the TLC is more than doubling the stopped-in-traffic rate, and instituting a $45 flat rate to JFK. Launching just in time to save your ass: Hitchsters is a free service that arranges cash-saving rideshares to* LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark. Simply input your flight (or pickup) time and your 'hood, and Hitchsters will scour their database for a fellow jetsetting tightwad. They'll then email and text you your co-rider's first name and cell number, so the two of you can hash out the details. As for the split, whoever bolts the cab first pays 60% of the meter, but then is no longer obligated to tip/live with the destiny-wrecking karma of stiffing the driver.To ensure privacy, last names and emails are kept confidential, so potential stalkers won't learn your home or office address, or even your embarrassingly confident Hotmail handle (cocksman55). There's also a gender preference/requirement option, obviously offered to make female passengers more comfortable. You could be a scumbag about this, but frankly it's a pathetic way to meet women -- especially since they'll know you're a pathological cheapskate as soon as you step into the cab.
*They offer "From" service too, but for coordination reasons your pool's limited to the co-passengers on your flight.