Home Massage

Getting a massage* in the comfort of your own apartment's a catch-22: researching to find a quality masseuse is a hassle, but winging it with a random can only result in petty theft and a trip to a spinal surgeon. To avoid all this, try, just unveiled today.

RB's an agency whose aim's to provide tension-wracked New Yorkers an efficient, online method for arranging a top-notch home massage. To ensure a quality therapist roster, RB consultant and back-to-back NYMag honoree Joseph "Hands from Heaven" Weger rigorously screens out ~80% of applicants for sub-par skills, grating tableside manner, or record of turning clients' pads into patchouli disaster zones. Those who make the cut will show up at your place with a team of peons to help them set up their workstation -- important, because it leaves the masseuse free to concentrate on nothing but the spinal kinks you've acquired during your vain quest to "just see if I can reach it".

RB's also made their site user-friendly: simply input your desired time and have RB send out whichever magic-fingered specialist is available. Or you can select based on online bios, then click a pull-down menu to coordinate your respective skeds. If you're extremely satisfied, RB also offers a regular appointment option: call them, and they'll send highly trained pros at you biweekly, weekly, daily, etc -- until you're so broke from at-home pleasure, you have to register for a service that offers massages under the overpass.

*Not a back-of-the-Village-Voice-style massage