Getting the drop on a stock usually means sifting through tedious industry articles, or rolling the dice on grammatically suspect Nigerian spam. No more, thanks to EquityHall.Cashing in on 25 years of Street cred/outlandish bonuses, a former trader and money-manager launched this pithy, no-nonsense investment guide. Rather than inundate you with pages of analysis, graphs, and econobabble, EH parses out highly readable blurbs covering the pluses and minuses of what owning a stock'll mean to you and your unfortunate dependents. For the hopelessly ADD-addled there're also color-coordinated graphics alongside each review; these provide simple calls on the corporation's five risk factors (business plan/management/accounting/board independence/proliferation of gilded executive bidets), any of which could make or break your buy-two-boats-so-you-can-crash-them-together fund.New stocks are posted just about every day the markets are open, and link out to as many as ten reliable sources, i.e., the Economist, Business Week, and, whenever relevant, Cat Fancy. Now, with EH's information in hand, you'll be well-financed enough to live out your dream: teaching English to the son of an exiled West African "Ministre about Petroleem".