MotoArt Furniture

Furniture is a potent indicator of personal style, whether that be rustic charm, lacy frivolousness, or IKEA semi-poverty. Cast a vote for functional strength with MotoArt.Torrance, CA-based MotoArt repurposes the engineering and workmanship of discarded aeronautic parts into deeply badass custom furniture. Jet engines, wings, ejection seats, and bombshells get molded into functional, near-indestructible desks, tables, and chairs. To name a few:

  • B-25 Bomber Desks: made from WWII planes' rudders, these send a clear don't-try-anything-crazy message to your Japanese guests
  • 1930s Continental Radial Engine Coffee Tables: putting 150 horsepower at your feet will give you the power to motor through that teetering stack of unread Money magazines
  • 737 Galley Bars: retro drink carts tricked out with aluminum plating, custom drawers, wood cutting board, and locking brakes -- ensuring that even if your trailer home is wheeled off by creditors, your cocktails can't be

Each limited edition series is hand-built to order, and almost always sells out, thereby making these pricey works great investment opportunities -- and a far less gauche personal statement than resting your feet on a bale of money.