Flat-D Universal Utility Bag

The prospect of stank clothes mingling among the clean is as troubling as a pube in your Cheerios. No more, with the Flat-D Universal Utility Bag.A boon to both travelers and gym rats, the flatulence-battling ninjas at Flat-D have applied their activated charcoal tech to this unique clothing storage bag. The sack seals with a Velcro strip and measures 19x19", big enough to swallow your fetid sneakers, soiled sweatpants, or maggot-worthy socks. Once inside, the carbon filtering isolates and eradicates odor, leaving adjacent gear sufficiently fresh until its turn to soak up your surprising and eye-watering putrescence.For additional defunking needs at home and abroad, Flat-D also offers smoke/sweat/stripper perfume-absorbing garment bags. Whichever style you choose, each day you'll climb into fresh-and-clean clothes, before adjourning to breakfast to rake your crotch over your cereal.