Hot Chicks with Douchebags

Nothing shakes a man's faith in a benevolent universe faster than the sight of a comely goddess locking lips with some slicked-back loser. Face the pain while achieving hilarious serenity with Hot Chicks with Douchebags.Photo-driven celebrates this all-too-real phenomenon roast-style, with accompanying prose courtesy of site creator "DB1" -- a Hollywood insider who admits to daily struggles with his own douchery. Nonetheless, he's aghast that this scourge has overtaken society: "Everyone relates to the rage of seeing the hottest girl in the club cuddling with an oily, greasy, bling'd out scrote." DB1's protest page lets you dive into an overabundance of hair product and tight pink Polos, submit pics of HCwDs, comment on those already posted, and vote for the week's foulest hottie/herb pairing -- hopefully to the great shame of Greicos, tonguebags, Fezzes, and New Jersey's male population.As the number of HCwDs grows, so too will the site's influence -- they already boast commenters from Japan and Europe, where even widespread bidet use has failed to curb the d-bag pandemic. So start your therapy immediately, and soon you'll quit wasting time resenting every guy Paris Hilton's ever dated.