Italian Wine Cheat Sheet

If you've finally mastered a basic restaurant wine list, but have no idea what to to do when Italian wines get tossed in, here's a handy cheat sheet that'll get you started. Nicole Gammino, publisher of the online newsletter, helps us sort through the greasy grapes.

Sangiovese (as in Chianti)
If you like... Pinot Noir
Goes best with: Pizza, red-sauced pastas; great for white fishes
Thrillist insight: Very dry -- but fruity. Like drinking a sour cherry hand towel.

DolcettoIf you like... Pinot Noir Goes best with: Pizza, pastas with mushroom sauce Thrillist insight: Light body, low acid, bright berry and licorice flavors -- but not in a Good N' Plenty kind of way.

Nero d'AvolaIf you like... California Syrah Goes best with: Red Meats Thrillist insight: Tanin-y, super smooth. Billy Dee Williams in a glass.

NegroamaroIf you like... Merlot, Cabernet Franc Goes best with: Roasted Chicken Thrillist insight: Bitter cherries, medicinal infusion. All the more reason to stop sipping Robitussin at parties.

LagreinIf you like... Calif. Cab or Syrah Goes best with: Veal, lamb -- any flavor with a spicy edge Thrillist insight: Picture red Zinfandel, Cabernet, and a spicy prune having a threesome in your mouth.

If you like... Un-oaked Chardonnay
Goes best with: Pesto'd pasta, risotto, heavy fish like sea bass
Thrillist insight: Full-bodied, beefed-up white wine. This white would fail HGH testing.

Greco di TufoIf you like... Sancerre, South African Sauvignon Blanc Goes best with: Shellfish Thrillist insight: There is NO OAK. This is a private fruit party for lemons and apples.

VerdicchioIf you like... Pinot Grigio Goes best with: Fried fish, crab cakes Thrillist insight: Light, tangy, citrus-flavor -- is your masculinity still intact?

Moscato d' Asti
If you like... Asti Spumante
Goes best with: Strawberry shortcake
Thrillist insight: With honey, apricot, and orange flavors, this is the fancy guest soap of sparkling wine.

Vin SantoIf you like... Port Goes best with: Itself Thrillist insight: Nuts and raisins dominate the flavor, but it manages to avoid tasting like crappy cereal.