Redneck Games

Summertime county fairs are ubiquitous, but if you want to attend one that matches the dentally-challenged realism of Deliverance with the glory of sporting competition, pack your bags and head to Georgia for the 11th annual Redneck Games

Started as a radio station promotion before the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the event has blossomed into a daylong Hee-Haw extravaganza. This year the RNG feature live music, a fireworks show, and Confederate cuisine like boiled peanuts and fried gator on a stick

But The Games are the day's showcase. The most heralded competition is the mud hole flop, where balloon-bellied hillbillies jump into a pool of red Georgia clay. You'll stand in rapt bemusement watching some of the world's least articulate athletes face off in other events such as

  • Bobbing for Pig's Feet
  • Toilet Seat Horseshoes
  • Watermelon Seed Spitting
  • Armpit Fart Serenading
  • Big Hair Contest

First prize is an official crushed Bud Light can mounted on a plaque, but there are no losers on this day. Just winners -- who happen to live in trailer parks.