Cloud Nine

The next time you have to get a gift for a buddy who's about to get married, or in danger of sinking into the couch forever, give him something that'll remind him he has a pulse: a Cloud Nine Living adventure package.C9 gifts range from $69 (bungee jumping off an LA bridge) to $100,000 (swimming with Great White sharks off a private yacht). Some other gifts:

  • Private Surfing Lessons: He'll cut his teeth at some of California's most popular spots (Manhattan Beach, Zuma, El Bordo). There, his personal instructor will make sure he doesn't drown in a rip tide, or get teased by locals for the rolls in his wetsuit.
  • Private DJ lessons: Headliner DJs will show him how to mix and scratch, ensuring his next house party won't have the same Monster Ballads CD on repeat all night.
  • Fighter Pilot for a Day: He'll attend Air Combat dog fighting school, where he'll learn formation flight, gun sight tracking, and aerial combat maneuvers, then don a suit and board a Marchetti SF260 fighter. Once airborn, he'll experience the thrill of gravity-defying maneuvers, and the thrill of being coated in his own gravity-defying vomit.

If you're having trouble picking a package, C9 offers gift certificates that can be used for any (or multiple) experiences. If he's not impressed with any of them, just give up on his lame ass and continue buying him monogrammed grill aprons.