Giant Oyster Grilling

With all of the barbecues this weekend, why not show up with something other than beer and slimy grill meats. Thanks to Washington-based Taylor Shellfish Farms, you can have Large Pacific oysters delivered to your door by July 4th. One of the biggest farms in the Northwest, TSF ships their famous oysters in blue ice packing gel, keeping the bivalve monsters alive and full of false hope during their overnight journey. The Larges arrive bursting with Puget Sound briny goodness, 5-7 inches in length and perfect for grilling.Thankfully, they are as easy to prepare as a Ball Park frank. Just spread the oysters over the grill, close the lid, and wait 'til you hear the sinister popping noise that means they've opened. Once ready, season with butter, Tabasco, and parsley and serve in the shell. If you've got a purist who demands to eat them raw, point and laugh as they choke on the Large's largesse.In addition to the Pacifics, TSF also carries other oyster varieties (Kumamotos, briny Totten Virginicas), plus Dungeness Crab, Manila Clams, mussels and salmon. Whichever you pick, you'll still be cooler than the dude who shows up with patriotic sausage patties and Natty Ice.