Food & Drink

A clothing-store-cum-lounge in Jackson Square

The icy reception at most clothing stores can lead to the instantaneous onset of everything from shortness of breath to Shopper's Knuckle -- forcing you to rush out in a still-shabby panic. For a shop you'll feel so welcome in they'll eventually have to ask you to leave, try Carrots.Opening Monday, Carrots is a sprawling gear emporium cum laid-back lounge conceived by Melissa and Catie Grimm, eagle-eyed heiresses to a vast Central California carrot fortune (for real: they got mad root). Upon entry, you'll be put at ease by the industrial vibe -- an ancient naval searchlight, a pile of engine gears, and two well-worn club chairs, making the space feel like an old garage, minus the dust-caked Soloflex. The casualness peaks at the in-store bar, where the staff'll offer (legitimate) shoppers gratis beer/wine, a time-honored way to make guests comfortable, and get them naked in little rooms. The gear itself is swanky but approachable, focusing on brands like Band of Outsiders, Rag-and-Bone, and Rogues Gallery -- rough-and-tumble names for garments you'll nonetheless have to dry on low. Carrots'll also open up their space for monthly events, like beer-tasting/man-shopping nights -- sure to be ice-free receptions, unless the sisters Grimm break out their other karats.