Training Camp

Securing the most glorious new sneakers means either perpetually scouring every NYC/LA/Tokyo specialty shop, or taking a chloroformed rag to Pharrell. Now there's an easier and more humane solution: Training Camp's online.For 15 years, NYC's Training Camp has shod hip-hop royalty (Jay-Z, Ghostface Killah, and, um, Russell Simmons) with the choicest bits of leather this side of Heidi Fleiss's cha-cha. Finally, TC's selection of 120+ kicks are up on a single, scrollable page, proudly displaying Royal Elastics, retro Nikes, Penguins, and Wallabees -- the mortal enemies of Roos in the cutthroat world of marsupial-inspired footwear. Some pairs even arrive from the manufacturer specially tweaked with TC's expert suggestions -- from colors, to accents, to glass soles filled with doomed goldfish (rejected). Since the prices are surprisingly low and the limited-editions are very limited, sort by "Recently Added" to stay on top of new stock -- your podiatal freshness will be guaranteed, and you can save the chloroform for Bobby Brown and his fabulous Members Only jacket.