Organic Wine

On a day-to-day basis, it's tough to care about Earth-first abstractions like "biodynamic sustainable agriculture" and "safe water". Finally, the organic movement brings you something you can sink your teeth into: "headache-free" vino from Organic Wine Company. SF-based OWC is the forbidden union of serious wine culture and seriouser save-the-planet dogma. OWC gathers bottles of highly-rated wines from around the world, all free from lab-produced chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, sarin, etc.) and all but the tracest sulfite levels (the stuff that makes you swear pathetically hopeless oaths against ever drinking again). Buy any of their inventory, then drink: if you have any ill-effects, OWC will refund your money -- a seemingly insane guarantee on par with ab machines that promise to turn fatasses into John Basedows.Of course OWC does require you drink "sensibly" -- a vague caveat indicating the sad reality that we still live in a world where no amount of responsible agriculture can prevent the ravages of drinking like an idiot.