Catalina Offshore Products

While you'll trust raw fish in a restaurant, you're not about to risk death-by-vomiting after DIY'ing sashimi with grocer-bought tuna. Get superlatively delicious seafood flown straight from the Coast to your door from Catalina Offshore Products.Started by a solitary sea urchin diver, COP has grown into a direct-to-order wholesale enterprise delivering premium fishies to the finest restaurants nationwide (and abroad, even) -- and to you. Each day, COP's SoCal fisherman catch lobster, crab, shrimp, and fish, then follow strict handling and chilling guidelines (-20 degrees) to ensure the haul stays strugglin'-fresh for the sub-24 hours it takes to overnight it to your door. In addition to raw goods, COP also offers prepared seafood (BBQ'd unagi, steamed butterfly shrimp tails, grilled whole octopus, etc) ready to be rolled in rice, dipped in sauce, or ravenously torn to shreds straight out of the box -- to the great alarm of you FedEx man as he stands frozen, clipboard in hand, in a rictus of horror.Further reducing the effort it'll take you to go from hungry to glutted, combo sashimi packages come complete with wasabi, spicing things up in a way that even a rousing game of E coli-roulette can't.