Swagger Jersey Style Jeans

Debating among up-market denim brands can leave you contemplating details so minute, only a race of eagle-eyed fashion gnomes could intuit one from the next (gnomes = fantasy land's midget artisans). Coming to you with unique style-a-plenty: Swagger's Jersey Style Denim Jeans.Swagger hails from Japan, where a rich tradition of anal retention incubates America-beating electronics, cars, baseball players, and jeans. Its Jersey Jeans start with top-notch selvage, stitched together with attention-grabbing racing stripes in your choice of colorways: white-on-blue, yellow-on-orange, and red-on-white -- much like on a Camaro in Patterson, NJ, only racing up your thigh, not resting on cinder-blocks. Adorning this raw/washed template are flourishes like hidden, inside-pocket graphics and a "$" zipper, perfect for illustrating your peep-show romantic ethos. Readers suffering from tape worms/gigantism take note: JSDJs only run 30-36 and are short in the leg -- perhaps to show off your immaculate sneakers, or perhaps to please the gnomes.