Flip Video

Getting hilarious, life-ruining video onto the internet shouldn't require a superzoom lens, HD fidelity, or a fanny-pack bursting with cords. To get everything you need in a camera, and nothing you don't, pick up a Flip Video

From the manufacturers of the first disposable digi, the deck-of-cards-sized Flip continues the march of lean functionalism with an AA-fueled camcorder so intuitive even you can use it. Rather than mire you in menus, features, and settings, the Flip's options include only Record, Zoom, Play Back, and, to the relief of Fred Durst and your girlfriend, Delete. When you decide you've got your take, just pop out the built-in USB plug and use the Flip's software to upload your clip right onto YouTube, where it'll take its rightful place among the pantheon of detonating sodas, trampoline catastrophes, and hideous renditions of "I Touch Myself".

Your only real decision: whether to go for 30 minutes of onboard memory (512mb) or pony up for the 60 (1gb) -- though in truth, your talents might be best captured by no memory at all.