TakePride Tees

On an issue as prickly as war, it's tricky to honor the brave guys on the frontlines without being confused for one of those jowly slogan-spouters so insulated from the situation that they think Tikrit's a rich, sesame-based condiment. To espouse support without jingoism, pick up a TakePride tee.Starting out with 100% cotton American Apparel blanks, each TakePride shirt features a design inspired by an actual soldier's story, a tale further narrated on the tag, and on TakePride.com (a SFW website despite sounding like a herpes support group). Carrying a slightly subtler message than a whiskey-stained Toby Keith tank top, each tee's imagery and armed-forces color schemes (forest green, tan, etc) express solidarity. Designs range from well-armed silhouettes against desert oases, to military vehicles, to a GI Joe-esque star-and-bars bomber insignia -- perfect garb to celebrate finally purchasing a vintage USS Flagg, the rare Hasbro aircraft carrier Joe used to obliterate My Little Pony Island.Better, if you do order from TP, you won't simply be wearing your sentiments on your chest: 20% of the profits benefit the very group it honors -- active and wounded service-members. You won't have to defend your charity to anyone, though you might have to explain to your jowly boss why you blew off the AM meeting to play with an eight-foot toy.