Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Food:Allie's Edibles Indulgent Comfort Sweets$10 to $36 at AlliesEdibles.comShow up your sibs with these individually wrapped, homemade chocolates w/ PB, marshmallow, caramel, toffee, ganache, and pretzel centers. The gift box is even customized with an uploaded photo, providing a Pavlovian opportunity to make her associate delicious treats with the image of you riding a motorcycle.Gear:Wildbleu Hot Flash Pajamas$44 for the sleepshirt at Wildbleu.comMuch as you'd like to believe mom can still hook you up with another little brother/sister, odds are she's closing in on the big M. WB uses gym technology (athlete-grade, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant fabric) to produce comfy hot-flash-preventing nightwear -- also useful for moms who are prone to sleep-weightlifting.Gear:Design 21: Social Design Network's Allumonde Ring$35 and up at Design21SDN.comBuy your madre a simple, elegant ring, and 19% of your money goes towards the charity of her choice, while a 2% pittance goes to UNESCO -- because like your mom, Design 21: Social Design Network isn't that into kids.Food:WeTakeTheCake Mother's Day Cake$26 from WeTakeTheCake.comWho wouldn't want a made-from-scratch gourmet dark chocolate almond bundt cake with orange cream cheese frosting? Only a crazy person. Order mom's by EOD and it'll ship on Wednesday to arrive on Friday -- a comparably painless delivery, as the cake didn't spend an extra week tenaciously clinging to her fallopian tubes. Gadgets:Turn-Me-On Vibrating Panties$99 at BootyParlor.comThese lace and satin bikini bottoms hide a 7-function vibrating nub, which you control via wireless remote -- because physically touching your mom there would be inappropriate.$29-79 for each bouquet at SaveMyAss.comNever forget Mother's Day with this life-saving cocktail of technology, home delivery, and hollow-eyed cynicism.