Vocation Vacations

You're too old to intern, but how else can you test-drive your dream career as a photographer or... bison rancher? Get a trial dose of fantasy reality with Vocation Vacations

Conceived by a formerly disgruntled telecom drone, Vocation Vacations pairs you with an expert mentor with at least five-plus years in his profession/"profession". For one-to-three days, you'll go through immersive training -- making you a short-term Macchio to the Miyagi of architecture, or alpaca farming. Your choices are extensive, though not exhaustive (sorry, aspiring man-whores). To wit:

  • Brewmaster
  • Sports announcer
  • Private investigator
  • Minor league baseball GM
  • Clock restorer
  • Dog sled trainer and kennel owner
  • Horse breeder
  • Pro wrestling color commentator
  • Pro wrestling live event coordinator
  • Pro wrestling personal assistant
  • Pro wrestling ring announcer
  • Pro wrestling ringside manager
  • Pro wrestling sponsorship & promotions coordinator
  • Sword maker
  • Weaving studio owner
  • Trucker

Unfortunately, package fees don't include room & board, but VV recommends accommodations for each vacay -- a nightly respite from your stressful day of cheffing, or a chance to perfect the "housekeeping!" knock that'll wow your maid-service mentor into offering you that coveted permanent position.