Heyday Footwear

Like driving a monster truck to get groceries, wearing work boots out shoots way past "rugged" into the domain of "Village People outcast". Get the right amount of tough from Heyday Footwear.Inspired by the stubbly men who built your house, Heyday merges grimy workboot durability with sneaker-freakerism. The resulting kicks offer the best of both worlds, including Caterpillar-grade outsoles meaty enough to protect your feet from the hazards of the world, and the world from the hazards of your festering athlete's foot. Meanwhile, the Kedsthe-ish uppers sport country club colors and materials, and're touched with dapper details (e.g., a wingtip design across the toe of the Vans-style slip-ons) so no one will confuse you for a bricklayer unless they're trapped next to you in a Taco Bell men's room stall.This unique synergy comes with exclusivity: the initial US release of only 500 pairs guarantees you won't have to worry about having the same rims as anyone else in the Ralph's parking lot, as you climb a ladder to load Grave Digger's trunk with bags of microwave burritos.