The only thing worse than being mailed a notice for, say, delinquent palimony payments is having your wages garnished because you accidentally trashed said notice after mistaking it for more liposuction coupons. Cull your mailbox with 41Pounds.org

41Pounds is named for the weight of junk mail it intercepts and destroys for each member annually. Despite its adorable environmental motivation, the service's drastic reduction in magazine offers, coupon books, Bed, Bath & Beyond catalogs, etc, is a boon to every man, woman, and Current Resident. Sign up and 41P menaces 20-30 direct mailers on your behalf, telling them to stop sending you (as well as the "Occupant" at your address) crap. The result is 80-95% fewer "Have you seen me?" cards and such, thereby exposing the important stuff in your mail pile -- like the ransom check for the bratty 7-year-old you saw as recently as his last feeding

As an added bonus, you'll also be protecting your identity from theft, and your wrists from the repetitive stress shredding credit card pre-approvals causes. The only drawback is that without the exercise you got from hauling 41lbs of junk to the garbage, you'll need that cut-rate lipo.