Burton Lil Buddy

As the weather finally mellows, thoughts turn to beer, relaxing in the sun, and relaxing in the sun with beer. Get an integrated total solution with a goofball name: the Burton Lil Buddy

Bored with making gear for guys who use the term "shred" without irony, Burton has applied its chilly expertise to this sloth-enabling cooler/music shoulder-bag. Available in plaid and a golf-course compliant jacquered print, the LB's big enough to swallow two 6ers, and also ensures nothing stands between you and your 12 beverages with metal zippers that double as can/bottle openers. But the LB doesn't stop at keeping cans cold: an input jack and built-in speakers mean you're just an iPod away from everyone knowing you still listen to Dio

On the off chance your sunny tomfoolery requires something Burton hadn't considered (e.g., pistols), you can use the generous side pockets for whatever you've got in mind. So load up your Lil Buddy and you'll be set -- at least until winter, when your "Lil Buddy" will refer to the child-servant you have toting a sloshing tub of hot buttered rum.