Freegums Reversible Tees

Unless you're willing to look like a rail-riding bum, weekenders require packing lots of T-shirts. Cut that mass in half with Freegums Reversible Tees.The design label for Peruvian graffitist Alvaro Ilizarbe, Freegums just popped out its new line of limited-edition tees -- the sharpest and most utilitarian of which are the Reversibles. These tees have graphic prints on both the outside and inside, making for two shirts in one, or, if you're looking at them drunk, four shirts in two. With one side a busier iteration of the other, each look's unique enough to fool a front-desk clerk into thinking that you didn't sleep on a pool mat because your hotel room mysteriously has fleas/you have no hotel room. For the few remaining days 'til they sell out, Reversibles'll be on sale online, so quit your slacking and buy one. Owning a bunch will cut your laundry in half -- facilitating near deadly levels of slacking and inspiring wild jealousy in the hobos sharing your freight car.