Who Is Sick

A night spent retching drool is bad, but there's nothing worse than languishing endlessly in the ER, surrounded by junkies and Ebola victims. Avoid unnecessary hospital visits by checking out Who Is Sick

This Google-Mapped sickness tracker is the discharge of an emergency room stomach cramps sufferer who languished for four clenched hours only to learn that, "There's a bug going around". In addition to helping you know when your sickness is part of an outbreak (e.g., not food poisoning, etc), WIS spares you unnecessary torment by showing which symptoms (runny nose, cough, fever, muscle aches, etc) are prevalent where -- proving definitively that Señor Nachos really is the local headquarters of diarrhea. You can further filter the maps by sufferer age and gender, thereby alerting you to an explosion of old lady flu and the impending availability of rent-control apartments

All WIS's info's user-submitted, so the maps are only as good as the site is popular. So tell them what ails you, and share WIS with your friends -- they'll just be grateful that this time you're spreading knowledge instead of the clap.