Robot Phone Prank

One of the best ways to irritate the ones you love is prank-calling them with nonsensical robot voices. These services periodically pop up, but never last long due to massive abuse, so hurry and abuse this one offered at Office Solutions Plus.

Here are some savvy tips for using the tool:

  • Don't bother filling out "Name on Caller ID". It won't come up anyway. But, if you do type in a "Number on Caller ID" that already exists in the person's phone book, that name will show up on his screen.
  • Don't use punctuation in the text. Most of the time, the robot will respond with "WhatBACKSLASH Your Problem?" Robots are stupid.
  • Don't curse. But you can be phonetically creative. "Ash Hole" translates well in robot-speak.
  • Once you cue in the info and hit "Call", a garbage code confirmation page will come up. This means your prank's been queued. Don't hit "refresh" or "back" or it will resend the call.
  • Be selective. Your fun ends after 10 calls.

This prank works best when you impersonate a logical robot voice source (credit agency, electric company, man with a stoma). Tell your friend his gas has been shut off, he still owes student loan money, or the city has condemned his building.

However, be warned the call ends with a recitation of the IP address through which you access the site. So, if you really annoy somebody, they can track you down. Then your public defender will be the only person receiving prank robot phone calls -- from your prison IP.