Fun With Fedora

When it's hot outside, hats are an excellent way to keep your head from catching on fire. But your beat-up Cocks baseball hat smells like old provolone and wearing an ice-filled sombrero can be unwieldy. Thankfully, the Stetson Quorum will give you all the dome protection you need, plus it has enough style so you won't look like a Special Olympian. Part Rat Pack fedora, part Panama Jack, the Quorum is modeled after the hat of legendary golfer Sam Snead. It has a stubby, bendable brim and is made out of pliable Raffi Braid straw. The youthful design has flopped with Stetson's traditionally older, stodgy clientele, but at least now you won't be wearing the same hat as a soup-drooling geezer. So, relax with your Quorum in a hammock, sport it at a semi-formal summer function, or use it to hide your face when you get caught ogling teenage au pairs at the swim club.Plus, it's great for getting away with chivalrous hat moves, like tipping your hat, using it as a fan to cool off a lady, or as an emergency puke depository for the lady after she's had too many noontime daiquiris. No stank cheese baseball hat or dripping sombero could ever be that cool and classy.