Pullitt Condoms

Having to struggle into a condom only adds insult to the injury of being made to wear one in the first place. Get your thing in gear muy pronto with Pullitt Condoms

Developed to prevent loss of "sexual momentum," the latex PC comes with a double rip cord-type strip rolled right into it. Pull the strip and the rubber unfurls down from tip to base in a single motion so smooth you'll run the risk of wanting you all to yourself. Three seconds is all it should take to go from wrapper to wrapped, as evidenced by Pullitt's weirdly repetitive demo video -- which establishes the condom's speed as well as their preference for big black... props.

The PCs are currently available both online and through brick-and-mortar stores, and will soon be available in various colors, plus a ribbed version (for her pleasure -- ew). Give one a whirl and you'll agree the PC's convenience can only be rivaled by the original contraceptive: cunning timing and prayers.