Cockpit USA

Theoretically, military-influenced clothing should convey a certain take-charge manliness -- but Revolutionary outfits are too dandy, and "Police Action Fashion" is really more of a summer look. For a wearable conflict-wardrobe, check out Cockpit USA's just-opened Broadway store.

Cockpit's a WWII-inspired line modeled after American Airpower Museum curator Jeff Clyman's personal collection of artifacts (itself amassed through tireless searching and trading black market lung tissue to Lucky Strike-smoking vets). By combining topnotch fabrics with an authenticity extending to buttons and zippers, Clyman presents a sliding scale of military stee: from civilian-ready sweaters, to horsehide bomber jackets adorned with vintage pinup girls -- whose beauty imbued our boys with the courage to kill Nazis, and sleep with matronly Liverpudlian prostitutes.

A sampling of the goods:

Class A Sporting Jacket: Lined with a silk-screened map of the bombed out European Theater, this is an update on the classic Marine Corps officer's wool jacket -- because if you're going to suit up, why be just another grunt?

Motorcross Jacket: Made from the same horsehide as the Bomber, this jacket's ideal for speeding recklessly through a pacified Axis power's countryside, hooting victoriously until you slam into a parked cow.

Kamikaze Tee: Wear this, and your cabbie will know you prize honor above life -- and that if he takes an unnecessarily long route, you'll force him to crash into a dog park.

If you're looking to ace up your apartment as well, Cockpit'll also sell you pretty much any part of their store, from the Army blankets covering the dressing rooms to the flight helmets on the wall -- wear one of those, and you can avoid your grandfather's stare when he accuses you of biting his style.