Frank's Chop Shop

A true barbershop's function is as a social hub, as portrayed in Coming to America, Barbershop, and Barbershop II. To get back to haircutting's roots, hit Frank's Chop Shop, quietly opening* even as you desperately scan this article for funny picture links

FCS was started up by the publishers of Frank151, a free pocket-size culture mag that covers everything from biker movies to Japanese junk food. Their Shop's a throwback enterprise: 1930s chairs, a checkerboard tile floor, and cutters who'll BS with you about obscure Downtown knowledge -- instead of trying to convince you that your hair could really benefit from ram-sperm conditioner. Prices are retro too, with basic chops starting at $20. Other options include straight razor cuts and shaved-in designs and phrases -- like "420", or "Henry Kissinger".

Beyond dome-trimming, the Frank loitering lifestyle also covers drinking, parlor games, and headgear. Within ten days, they'll start handing out gratis beer tickets, redeemable pre-or-post-appointment at next-door bar King Size. They're also hawking playing card and domino sets, both in boxes carved from mahogany so rich, Ricardo Montalban would eat it on toast. Finally, there's a wall of classic-styled baseball caps for sale. You might consider this ironic -- 'til your King Size buzz causes you to fall asleep mid-shear, and your reverse Mohawk becomes the stuff of barbershop legend.

*The grand opening's Nov 7, after which all gear/drink tickets will be available.