DB Clay Wallets

When it comes down to it, a leather wallet's a leather wallet -- even if you spend so much on one that you can't afford to fill it afterwards. To whip out something more interesting, check out DB Clay.DBC was founded by Portland native Garett Stenson, who, needing extra cash for college tuition (and dank Oregon trees), started hawking homemade wallets at Saturday street fairs. Looking for a versatile, cheap textile, Stenson settled on gaffer tape -- used on movie sets to immobilize cables, wiring, and precocious child actors. The result's a full line of hand-screened wallets: solid colors, distinctive patterns, shots of the wooded countryside, and Big-Buck-Hunter-y montages of wall-mounted deer. No matter what you go with, the construction's extremely durable, and water resistant -- accidentally washing one won't destroy it, and dropping it in the toilet only makes it stronger. Having now grown beyond the craft fair circuit, DBC is constantly expanding their wallet line (in a few weeks they'll also be rolling out card cases). Grab one, and whether you're a man of means folding his scratch, or just a guy with "Will Work For Ham" scrawled on scraps of loose-leaf paper, strangers will respect what you're carrying in your pants.