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Room Service

When deciding who to let into a club's VIP room, a bouncer will typically limit entry to people you don't consider important, or even people. To take these crucial decisions into your own hands, make a reservation at the hotel-themed Room Service, opening Thursday. Located next to Ten's World-Class Cabaret, RS is a spacious, ottoman-strewn lounge ringed by four grades of curtained off, rentable party suites: the Junior (seats 4-6), the Standard (8-10), the Executive (10-12), and the Presidential (15). These pleasure pens can serve as home base for your friends, or women you've used your looks/money/Gregorian chanting/money to pick up in the lounge. Each is equipped with a spacious leather banquette, on which you can do things you're too embarrassed to do in front of strangers, and too lazy to do standing in the bathroom. And to keep the infamy flowing, each crib sports a mini-fridge, which the club will stock with bottles, chow from the kitchen, or more random items -- from toothpaste to airlifted Spanish luxury ham. As you'd expect, room rates are exorbitant ($300-$800), but your reservation's good the entire night -- plenty of time for you to reel in the people you consider important. Or if you can't find any of those, just do what any bouncer would, and trade access for money, desperate flattery, and an ill-gotten sense of power that'll disappear as soon as your rental expires.