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Juicebox / The Soup Peddler

There's nothing more powerful than a dynamic duo, be it Batman & Robin, or Dickman & Throbbin, heroes of a 1986 sexcapade who differed from the others in that they were doubly not into tights. Now meet a team of culinary superheros: Juicebox / The Soup Peddler.JB/SP's an all-star collab between the Daily Juice guy and venerable bicycle deliveryman The Soup Peddler, operating out of a tiny cube bisected by angular blonde wood, with all seating on a bench/table-equipped patio enclosed by a wood fence, so if they offend the Healthy Liquids Union they'll be able to keep out picketers. Fresh-squeezed 18oz health-bombs fall into smoothie or juice categories, with smooth moves ranging from the Voltron (acai, banana, coconut oil, almond butter, cacao) to the Rip Torn (banana, blueberry, whey+hemp protein, flax meal, peanut butter), and more easily sippable numbers including the Red Dawn (orange, pineapple, beet -- will make you virile like a young C. Thomas Howell) and a watermelon/ raspberry/ lemon concoction called the Head Cheerleader (who said pom-poms and brain were incompatible?). Warmer nourishment forgoes SP's traditional pre-order system, allowing for come-and-get-it pickup of a daily-changing rotation including Italian Wedding (chicken meatballs, pasta, bread crumb, egg), curry/lentil Mulligatawny, and Gulf Coast tilapia "Cedar Key Fish Chowder", inspired by a recipe from a hotel patronized by "Faulkner-esque Floridians" -- though technically, Bill Parcells wrote As I Lay Dyeing back in Dallas. JB/SP's also rocking salads like Persian Rice and Cranberry Wheatberry, as well as "sure-shots" of healthiness like the garlic/ tumeric/ noni Ion-I and the yerba mate concentrate Soul Mate -- and if she lets you call it a "batterwang", she definitely is.