Thrillist Nation is Here

Dear Loyal Readers/Picture-Clickers,

Today, we unleash Thrillist Nation: a brand new Thrillist edition featuring all original content, ready to invade the inboxes of men across the country. If you haven't signed up, do it now. How else will you learn which Belgian lager famed beer sommelier Sang Yoon pairs with sausage & cheese Hot Pockets? Or where to enroll in continuing education classes at the Adult Film Academy? Or today's subject: an Amsterdam hotel so bachelor party-ready, they stock a full bar with "tobacco" pipes?

Please forward this email to your friends outside New York, and share with them the unsurpassable joy you experience each morning at 7:03am. Get your pals signed up for Nation, and you'll have given them an indispensable gift -- one you can later claim was meant as a present for their birthdays, weddings, or messy divorces. Plus, once they're signed up, they'll finally understand why you're no longer able to read anything over 250 words.

This is an exciting day for us. We appreciate your continued support, and we thank you in advance for forwarding this to friends in Dallas, Atlanta and LA. And Dubuque.

Sincerely, Thrillist