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Mr Chow Tribeca

Back when Downtown was a war zone, Midtown was cool -- as was Mr Chow, the legendarily posh Chinese restaurant on 57th Street. Now that Midtown licks bung, Michael Chow has decided to open a new spot in Tribeca, available to all beginning this Saturday.

The main reason to hit either Chow is the food, i.e., squab, soup dumplings, and noodles so tasty it's depressing to remember they're just noodles. The original Chow is also renowned for its theatrical staff and celebrity patrons -- a crowd they're hoping to further impress by moving onto the set of Robert DeNiro's American Express commercial.

While M-Chow's desire to reel in famous people is adorable, here's what's actually going to make his new spot worth your while: first, there's outdoor seating. Next, the aforementioned delicious food is 10% cheaper than the hyper-expensive Midtown location. Chow Tribeca's menu will also feature 30 secret new items, which we've heard include venison and turbot -- prized both for its tender white flesh, and breakdancing abilities

Then there's the bar: only people planning on eating Chow's food can drink at it (sorry walk-in alcoholics), but for a less formal meal you can take down your magnificent feast right there -- vital if you're in a rush, hate theatrical waiters, or get stuck Chowing alone.

Unfortunately, the new Chow's most impressive feature is one that's tough to take advantage of: a 40-seat private room with gold leaf-inlaid walls and its very own bar. Renting it might bankrupt you, but if the rest of the restaurant's booked up, it's a hell of a lot better than going back uptown.