Flavor Magic Gourmet Seasoning Sheets

Cooking at home can mean a grim calamity of dry pasta and sauce made from whatever condiments you haven't already used for drink mixers. With even less effort, pump out Paul Prudhomme-level dishes with Flavor Magic Gourmet Seasoning Sheets.Designed by the not-at-all-facelessly-corporate folks at Real Chefs Inc., FMGSSs are essentially rub-on flavor tattoos that'll impart restaurant-y deliciousness to even the failingest grades of meat. The clear transfer sheets come in eight different blends of garlic, onion, herbs, and spices, and can make anything from Memphis BBQ pork to Asian citrus-ginger chicken to Buffalo... whatever. Just press a sheet on your naked chunk of cow/fish/fowl/goat/stoat, let them mingle for 20-30 minutes, remove the paper, and cook -- or cut prep down to seconds by nuking meat+sheet, ideal for when you demand a superlative last meal but are already carpeted in bees.Should the foolproof tastiness of stick-on seasoned feasting pique your curiosity, check out FlavorMagic.net for tips, ideas, and thrilling pictures of spiced plastic sheets. Wondering what's next from this down-home monolith of flava? Check their FAQ page, where "Are there more flavors coming out soon?" is met with the tantalizing, almost mouth-watering response, "undefined."