New Balance Super Team 33s

Everybody loves New Balance sneakers. The only problem with that is, everybody loves New Balance sneakers. Keeping things exclusive: the Super Team 33s.NB's first foray into ultra-limiteds, the just-released ST33s are weirdly brilliant sneaks stamped with the familiar logo -- a look that's as nostalgic-yet-flossy as Dukes of Hazzard cufflinks. Their Maine-based design team took cues from aquarium life for these: Each begins as a reliably classic 1400 chassis, but is then sexed-up with scaled leather peppered with gill-ish crescent perforations. The three styles come in eye-blistering Disco Jaws-esque colors -- Georgia Tech's black and yellow for Butterfly; sea blue, maroon and gold for Neon; Nemo orange and white for Clown -- ensuring that your feet will be noticed for something other than their socks-bursting size. So they could extend their branding to cover distribution, NB's restricted the sure-to-sell-out ST33s to just 33 stores worldwide, with only 8 in the States. Fortunately, a small number of pairs are available online, which could put you in an even more exclusive club: ST33 owners who don't reek from sleeping on the pavement outside Foot Locker.