FINN Jeans

In theory, premium denim's a welcome trend, but unless you're a vegan elf, many brands can gird your thighs and keister like sausage casings. For high-end jeans that're actually comfortable, try FINN

FINN's New York-based design team includes a former Harvard hoops player, whose own not-smallness helped spur the company's goal: to merge quality with wearability. Like any premium worth the name, they use only the finest materials. But on all their styles (slight bootcut, straight leg, loose straight fit), they've loosened up the legs and lowered the waist, creating a cut that'll let you lounge open-legged, take subway stairs two at a time, or stoop to steal your neighbor's Wall Street Journal without ripping out the crotch.

And for the corpulent: while many upmarket brands produce nothing over a 36 waist, FINN's standard offerings are available up to a hamburger-chic 42. Further, they'll custom-fit for unusual bodies, and possibly even add your sizing to their line -- so you can say goodbye to the "Big and Short" store forever.

Whether you're buying off-the-rack or customizing, these jeans should last you years -- they're better made w/ top-notch denim, but unlike other, tautly fitting premiums, you won't bust their seams like a fleshy, not-so-incredible hulk.