Satanic street eats

Published On 12/16/2010 Published On 12/16/2010

Playing hooky can lead to great ideas, like Ferris Bueller hilariously giving himself the handle "The Sausage King of Chicago", or you handling your own sausage to Sloane Peterson in a one-piece at the end. For a food truck less grossly thought up after calling in sick, check out Devilicious.

A concept conceived over bubbly while playing hooky from work, 'Licious is decked out with a toothy devil and appropriately adjectival decals ("fiery", "diabolical", "wicked"), and is run by a pair of best gal-pals whose corporate dispute resolution plan consists of "rock, paper, scissors" -- though being chicks, they probably just use them to craft each other some sort of conciliatory bejeweled doilies. The menu's "based around simple comfort food" madly twisted into the likes of a smoked turkey sandwich with challah/Gouda/bacon-apple slaw, a "Smoked Bacon Dog" with habanero kim chee & agave mayo, and a decadent, sourdough-encased, fontina/ mozzarella grilled cheese sammie with "butter poached lobster", proving that even a stick of butter is more cunning than a lobster. For the slightly less sinful appetite, they've got weekly rotating "Fried Yumminess" consisting of pasta shells stuffed with various treats (this week: "really kick ass chili with a s*** ton of cheese"), "Satan Fries" with Roaring Forties blue cheese/ caramelized onion/ smoked bacon, and flavor-rotating "House Hummus", also the best tunes to put on when trying to grind hot chickpeas.

And because you can only get up on so many chickpeas, they're also planning on hawking a heart-stopping dessert-'wich with PB & J and bacon set between a sliced Krispy Kreme, ensuring that even if life moves pretty fast, you won't.



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