The downside to standup comedy is that even the greatest lines are soon forgotten in a haze of joke overload and Tom Collins. Officially opening Friday, Comix comedy club has a cutting edge solution. An A-list space with 320 obstruction-free seats, Comix plans to digitally immortalize its onstage hilarity: they've installed discreet cameras throughout the room, which feed into a fully equipped editing suite. Fifteen minutes after a performance ends, they'll be able to produce a high quality DVD, complete with labeling and packaging. You can then purchase a copy and slavishly memorize its contents before cracking up coworkers with "your" observations about how white people all be dancing like zombies. Of course recording technology's useless if high prices dissuade your attendance in the first place. So, Comix is handling ticketing internally, reducing or eliminating processing fees/Eddie Vedderish rage. Even though the DVD system isn't quite operational yet, the club has taken a second, equally effective step to preserve your recollection: they're not imposing a drink minimum. Unfortunately, in a state of sobriety, you won't be amused by anything.