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Throwback cocktails in Wrigleyville

It takes more than window dressing to transport people to another time or place -- no matter how many mermaid murals Hill Valley High School put up, that "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance was clearly held in a gym. Going the extra mile: 1914

Attached to the back of Red Ivy, 1914's a Prohibition-styled, tastefully understated speakeasy (red velvet draperies, tin ceilings, vintage fixtures) where waitresses'll sport flapper dresses, and black-tied bartenders will go so far as to discuss the upcoming election in terms of how old man Coolidge really runs a bully ship. More satisfyingly, 1914 brought in a Northwestern booze historian to consult on 18 classic cocktails, all served in tea cups & soup bowls, and most using period-appropriate liquor brands and speakeasy call names like "Tall Drink of Milk" (Plymouth Gin & dry vermouth martini), "Coffee, Black" (Russell's Rye Manhattan), and "Strong Bowl of Chicken Soup" -- a.k.a. Old Overholt neat, the same whiskey that turned Washington's teeth wood. 1914's also serving up time-honored brews (Schlitz, Huber, Anchor Steam, etc), plus the more recent but thematically on-target Great Lakes Eliot Ness -- a man who plugged many mobsters, only to be immortalized by a man who plugged Susan Sarandon

On the contemporary kick, after gamely feigning ignorance, the bartenders will pour you a modern drink; two 80-inch projection screens'll roll down for key Cubs games; and later at night music'll transition from Roaring 20s jazz to whatever the Red Ivy DJs are spinning -- bringing you Back To The Future mere moments before you make out with your own mom.