Shockolate Vault Jar

Breaking bad habits is tough. The Shockolate Vault can help you stick to your goals, keep your focus -- and teach you the meaning of pain.Simply drop the contraband into the glass jar and screw on the electrified lid. Then arm it by setting the digital timer to any time interval less than 24hrs. Once the time's up, squeeze the release tabs on the lid and twist open. Break down prior to that and you will be justifiably zapped, you weak-willed little pansy. Here are some excellent uses:1hr: Regulate your chain-smoking to hourly intervals. 1hr 38mins: Avoid ingesting cyanide capsules while stuck watching The Lake House with your girlfriend.5hrs: Long enough to keep you from drunk dialing on your cellphone. 12hrs: Keep creepy roommmate from playing with formaldehyde pig fetus while you're at work. This jar should not be used on children with weight problems, since that's cruel. Also, keep it away from people with pacemakers, epileptics, or any one else who could be killed by mild electric shock. But if your bad habit is masochistically electrocuting yourself, you should buy a bigger, non-electrified jar to keep this one away from you.