Rest Stop

While sleeping in is nice, sleeping in while driving can be unsafe for you -- and other commuters. Worry no more about nodding off behind the wheel thanks to the Drive Alert Master.The DAM is a lightweight, Bluetooth-looking earpiece set to emit a jarring BEEP the moment your head isn't upright. Switch it on and you can adjust the device's sensitivity to allow between 15 and 30 degrees of tilt, so it's not going off every time you bob your head to a Ma$e jam or sponge scalding hot coffee off your crotch.And the DAM's usefulness doesn't stop with saving lives. Slap it on before boring business meetings and operas, or use it to frustrate hypnotists. The DAM also represents hope for the future: if they can stop sleep-driving, maybe they can create a beeping device that'll solve your supermarket frotteurism problem too.