Pimp Spice

You may consider yourself a gourmet gangsta, but you can't be a true playa with wack lemon dill and raggedy ol' cumin on your rack. Holla back at your next batch of tasteless grub with Lars Tetens Pimp Spice

Peep these three varieties

MF Pimp Hand: It's 'bout time you taught that chicken head Cobb salad a lesson. Smack it upside the crisp romaine with this sweetened blend of cayenne, turmeric, and garlic

Pimp Flava: Nothing'll make you act a fool more than a piece of meat that thinks it's tough. Punch it in the teeth with this spicier version of MF Pimp Hand and show that beef who's boss

Pimp UR Pizza: Pepperoni not putting out like it used to? Kick that meat log to the curb and ice up that cracked-out pie with this medley of basil, oregano, salt, cayenne pepper and garlic.

Warning: PS can be overpowering so chill when you start throwin' down. Get it right, and even haters will recognize and respect how hard that food got served.