USB Mini Vacuum With Retractable Cable

Because of the pace of modern business, taking lunch at your desk is an unavoidable reality -- and because you eat like a Capuchin monkey, so are food droppings sticking in your keyboard. Get the USB Mini Vacuum and eliminate hoagie crumb-related typos forever.Resembling a nose hair trimmer, the MiniVac has two speeds including the thrilling "turbo" mode. It also comes with a built-in LED and a retractable brush to help you locate and extract stubborn meat flecks nestled under your CAPS LOCK. Plus, it's USB powered, so you can save the AAAs for your balltrimmer.When you're done, the spring-loaded cord winds itself up, and the compact package fits easily into your desk drawer right between your stapler and your handgun. Equipped with the MV, you can spend your lunchtime as God intended -- eating and obsessively Googling ex-girlfriends.