Comply Whoomp Earbud Enhancers

While iPods are a marvel of ergonomics and design, using Apple's ubiquitous white earbuds feels like stuffing your ears with Mentos. Instead of throwing them away, convert the 'buds into headphones you'll actually use with Comply's Whoomp Earbud Enhancers.

Kings of the comically narrow niche of hearing aid foam tips, Comply makes cheap, comfortable nubs that snap directly onto the crappy stock earbuds. Just squish down the EE's foam canal tips and insert them into your head with almost sexual ease. The tips will then expand to fill your earholes, ensuring a tight fit and a don't-even-notice-they're-in level of comfort -- like those pills that grow into dinosaurs in water (or stomach acid, should you accidentally drink a glass of toys). The result is a seal of foam ensuring nothing infiltrates the sweet love channel connecting your juicy ear innards with everything from the pre-plane crash awesomeness of Lynyrd Skynyrd to the crash-free mediocrity of the surviving members

The bonus is that since you're funneling tunes directly into your ear canals, the bass is enhanced to pricier headphones' caliber sound -- and at a lower volume level. Basically, hooking yourself up with these babies means that the only freshmaker stuck in your head will be Kool Moe Dee.